WP Responsive Recent Post Slider

Getting started with WP Responsive Recent Post Slider

WP Responsive Recent Post Slider add and display Responsive WordPresss Recent Posts in a Slider on your website with 4 designs using a shortcode. WordPresss Recent Post Slider displays your recent posts using 4 designs with beautiful slider.

Once you install the plugin a new sub-tab will display under “Post -> Post Slider Designs“. Just click on Post Slider Designs and select your design with the shortcode.

Screen shows design under Post -> Post Slider Designs

We have displayed shortcodes in “Post -> Category” if you want to display Post in slider category wise.

Below screen show shortcode with category id

How to display and shortcode

Main shortcode:

To display only latest 4 post:
[recent_post_slider limit="4"]
Where limit define the number of posts to display.

If you want to display Recent Post Slider by category then use this short code:
[recent_post_slider category="category_ID"]

We have given 4 designs. For designs use the following shortcode:
[recent_post_slider design="design-1"]
Where designs are : design-1 to design-4

Complete Recent Post Slider Shortcode Parameters


  • Limit:
    [recent_post_slider limit="8"]
    Display only 8 latest post. By default it display 8 latest posts with shortcode [recent_post_slider]. If you want to display all posts then use limit=”-1″.

  • Design:
    [recent_post_slider design="design-1"]
    You can select 4 design( design-1, design-2, design-3, design-4 ) for your recent post slider. Post -> Post Slider Designs .

  • Category:
    [recent_post_slider category="category_ID"]
    Display recent post slider by their category ID .

  • Show Category Name:
    [recent_post_slider show_category_name="true" ]
    Display category name OR not. By default value is “True”. Options are “true OR false”.

  • Show Date:
    [recent_post_slider show_date="false"]
    Display post date OR not. By default value is “True”. Options are “true OR false”.

  • Show Content:
    [recent_post_slider show_content="true" ]
    Display post Short content OR not. By default value is “True”. Options are “true OR false”.

  • Pagination and Arrows:
    [recent_post_slider dots="false" arrows="false"]
    Display slider arrows or not and Display slider pagination dots or not. By default values of dots and arrows are “false”.

  • Autoplay and Autoplay Interval:
    [recent_post_slider autoplay="true" autoplay_interval="100"]
    Display slider autoplay or not and autoplay interval time. By default autoplay value is “true” and default interval time is “100”.

  • Slide Speed:
    [recent_post_slider speed="3000"]
    Display slider speed.

  • Content Words Limit:
    [recent_post_slider content_words_limit="20" ]
    Control post short content Words limit. By default limit is 20 words.

  • Post Type:
    [recent_post_slider post_type="post"]
    Added custom post type support where you add custom post. By default value is “post”.

  • Hide Post:
    [recent_post_slider hide_post="1,2,3"]
    Exclude some posts with their post-id that you do not want to display.

  • Show Author:
    [recent_post_slider show_author="false"]
    Display author name OR not. By default value is “true”. Values are “true OR false”.

  • Show Read More:
    Display read more OR not. By default value is “true”. Values are “true OR false”.

Updated On 26 Oct 2016