WP Responsive Header Image Slider

Getting started with WP Responsive header image slider

WP Responsive header image slider adds a Menu tab in WP Admin side with the name “Responsive image slider” where you can add new Image Title, Content, Link and Image as a featured image, edit and delete.
Bellow screen shows how to add a Image for image slider. You just click on “Add New” and insert image title, Link and Featured image as you add for WordPress post.

How to display and shortcode

Display a Image slider is very simple. Just add the following shortcode on any page to display image slider

If you want to select the design then you can use following parameter :
[sp_responsiveslider design="design-1"]
Where design: design-1, design-2, design-3

You can also use template code to display image slider on header of your website.
<?php echo do_shortcode('[sp_responsiveslider]'); ?>

Complete Shortcode parameters

  • Design:
    [sp_responsiveslider design="design-1"]
    Display image slider with 3 designs. value is design-1, design-2, design-3.

  • Limit:
    [sp_responsiveslider limit="5"]
    Display latest 5 post in slider.

  • Category Id:
    [sp_responsiveslider cat_id="2"]
    Display Image slider categories wise. You can pass multiple ids by comma separated.

  • First Slide:
    [sp_responsiveslider first_slide="1"]
    Set slider number that you want to display first.

  • Effect:
    [sp_responsiveslider effect="slide"]
    Image slider effect. value is “slide” OR “fade”.

  • Pagination:
    [sp_responsiveslider pagination="true"]
    Display pagination or not. value is “true” OR “false”.

  • Navigation:
    [sp_responsiveslider navigation="true"]
    Display navigation or not. value is “true” OR “false”.

  • Speed:
    [sp_responsiveslider speed="3000"]
    You can Set slider speed.

  • Autoplay:
    [sp_responsiveslider autoplay="true"]
    Set autoplay or not. value is “true” OR “false”.

  • Autoplay Interval:
    [sp_responsiveslider autoplay_interval="3000"]
    Set autoplay interval.

Updated On 26 Oct 2016