WP responsive FAQ with category plugin

Getting started with WP responsive FAQ with category plugin

WP responsive FAQ with category plugin adds a Menu tab in WP Admin side with the name “FAQ” where you can add new FAQ post, edit and delete. You can also add categories for FAQ.

Bellow screen shows how to add a FAQ post. You just click on “Add New” and insert FAQ title and content as you add for WordPress post.

How to display and shortcodes

Display a FAQ page is very simple. Just go to Pages-> add New and add FAQ shortcode [sp_faq]

This plugin contains following shortcode:

1) Display FAQ in a page (list view and grid view)
[sp_faq limit="10"]

2) Display FAQ by category
[sp_faq category="category_ID"]

Shortcode Parameters

Note: Setting page is removed in the latest version and replaced with shortcode parameters

  • Limit:
    [sp_faq limit="10"]
    Limit the number FAQ’s items to be display. By default value is limit=”-1″; i.e all.

  • Category:
    [sp_faq category="category_ID"]
    Display FAQ’s by category.

  • Single Open:
    [sp_faq single_open="true"]
    Display One FAQ item when click to open. By default value is “true”. Values are “true” OR “false”.

  • Transition Speed:
    [sp_faq transition_speed="300"]
    transition speed when user click to open FAQ item.

Updated On 26 Oct 2016