Wp Pagination Addon Pro

Style of WP Pagenavi Addon Pro adds a Menu tab in WP Admin side with the name “Wpos Pagenavi Pro” where you can Select layout, Designs, Set Font-Size and Navigation Alignment.

Getting started with Wp Pagenavi Addon Pro

Wp pagenavi addon pro works with many colourful layout and designs. You can set desired layout for pagination.

    • Select Layout

    • Existing Layout :
    • Note: Existing Layout has many colourful styles and four types of designs. You can select any desires styles and design

    • Custom Layout:
    • Note: Custom Layout has five types of styles you can select desired layout.

  • Select Font-Size
    You can set desired font size for pagination.
  • Navigation Align
    You can set alignment for pagination. Where values are Left, Right or Center.