WP Blog and Widget – Masonry Add-on Pro

Note: To use this Add-on you must have installed our FREE WP Blog and Widget OR WP Blog and Widgets Pro plugin.

How to display and shortcodes

Display a Masonry design for WP Blog and Widgets plugin is very simple. Just go to Pages-> add New and add page title ie Our Blog and shortcode


Complete shortcode example:

[sp_blog_masonry limit="10" category="5" category_name="Sports" design="design-1" grid="2" pagination="false" show_date="true" show_category_name="true" show_content="true" content_words_limit="20" show_read_more="true" content_tail="..." link_target="self" load_more_text="Load More Post" order="desc" orderby="post_date" exclude_post="1,2" posts="5,10,15" effect="effect-1" jet_sharing="true"]

Shortcode parameters

Following are News Parameters:

  • Limit:
    [sp_blog_masonry limit="10"]
    Display latest 10 News post and then pagination.

  • Category:
    [sp_blog_masonry category="category_id"]
    Display News post categories wise.

  • Grid:
    [sp_blog_masonry grid="2"]
    Display News in Grid formats.

  • Category Name:
    [sp_blog_masonry category_name="Sports"]
    Display News categories name.

  • Design:
    [sp_blog_masonry design="design-1"]
    Select the designs for news post. There are around 12 designs.

  • Pagination:
    [sp_blog_masonry pagination="false"]
    Show/Hide pagination links. By default value is “false”. Values are “true” and “false”

  • Show Date:
    [sp_blog_masonry show_date="false"]
    Display News date OR not. By default value is “True”. Options are “true OR false”

  • Show Content:
    [sp_blog_masonry show_content="true" ]
    Display News post Short content OR not. By default value is “true”. Options are “true OR false”.

  • Show Category Name:
    [sp_blog_masonry show_category_name="true" ]
    Display News post category name OR not. By default value is “true”. Options are “true OR false”.

  • Content Words Limit:
    [sp_blog_masonry content_words_limit="30" ]
    Control News post short content Words limit. By default limit is 20 words.

  • Show Read More:
    [sp_blog_masonry show_read_more="false"]
    how/Hide read more links. By default value is “true”. Values are “true” and “false”

  • Content Tail:
    [sp_blog_masonry content_tail="..."]
    Display three dots or […] after content.

  • Order:
    [sp_blog_masonry order="DESC"]
    Controls News post order. Values are “ASC” OR “DESC”.

  • Order By:
    [sp_blog_masonry orderby="post_date"]
    Display News post in your order. Values are “post_date”, “modified”, “title”, “name” Post Slug, “ID”, “rand”, “menu_order”, “comment_count”

  • Link Target:
    [sp_blog_masonry link_target="blank"]
    Open link in a same window or in a new tab. Values are “self” OR “blank”.

  • Posts:
    [sp_blog_masonry posts="1,5,6"]
    Display only specific News posts with Post ID.

  • Exclude Post:
    [sp_blog_masonry exclude_post="1,5,6"]
    Exclude some news post with Post ID which you do not want to display.

  • Load More Text:
    [sp_blog_masonry load_more_text="Load More Post"]
    Display load more button text.

  • Effect:
    [sp_blog_masonry effect="effect-1"]
    Load News post with effect. Values are “effect-1”, “effect-2”, “effect-3”, “effect-4”, “effect-5”, “effect-6” and “effect-7”

  • Jetpack Sharing:
    [sp_blog_masonry jet_sharing="true"]
    Display jetpack sharing with masonry layout. Values are “true” and “false”

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will this plugin will work with WP Blog and Widgets (Free)?
A: Yes, this plugin will work with both WP Blog and Widgets (Free) and WP Blog and Widgets Paid.


Q: Can I use multiple masonry on same page?
A: Yes, You can use multiple masonry on same page with various design and effect.