Preloader for Website Pro

Getting started with Preloader for Website Pro

Preloader for Website Pro adds a Menu tab in WP Admin side with the name “Preloader Pro ā€“ WPOS” where you can select preloader settings.

Screen shows “Preloader for Website Pro” tab in the left side and All settings

  • Go to Preloader Pro ā€“ WPOS Tab then enable preloader and select your settings.
  • Now preloader will shown on your website.
Preloader Settings

  • Enable Site Preloader: mark check box to enable preloader in your website.
  • Preloader Area Background Color: Set preloader background color with color picker.
  • Spinner: pick up your preloader spinner.
  • Spinner Size: select spinner size from dropdown.
  • Custom Spinner Image: if you don’t want predefined spinner you can upload you custom spinner by this option.

Updated on jan 20 , 2017