PowerPack Lite – Timeline And History Slider


Timeline and History Silder adds a Menu tab in WP Admin side with the name “Timeline PwPc” where you can add new Timeline post and etc, edit and delete.


Here you will find the main features which are included in ‘Timeline and History Silder’ Plugin.

  1. Fully Responsive and Touch Based Slider
  2. Slider RTL Support
  3. Hide/Show Slider Pagination & Arrows
  4. Slider Autoplay and Speed Interval
  5. Limit to display number of Timeline
  6. WordPress default post support
  7. Display Timeline categories wise
  8. Code written with WordPress standard
  9. Fully Responsive
  10. 100% Multi language
  11. Custom CSS Editor


Installation of Timeline and History Slider requires a six clicks. To install the plugin, please use the following steps:

  1. Install PowerPack Plugin, And click on PowerPack admin menu.
  2. go to Powerpack “Modules” category and click.
  3. Now you can see all powerpack Modules Plugins.
  4. Particular modules plugin right side display enable / disabled switch.
  5. click on enable / disabled switch then save changes by click save button.
  6. Now you can see Modules in your WP Admin sidebar.

Note: When you enable / disable module, hit the “Save Changes” button to make it live.
Your changes saved successfully.

Getting started with Timeline and History Silder

Timeline and History Silder adds a Menu tab in WP Admin side with the name “Timeline PwPc” where you can add Title, Content, Timeline Custom Icon, Timeline Fa Icon, Read More Link, Category as a featured image.

Screen shows “Timeline PwPc” tab in the left side and all timeline post added



Add Timeline

  1. Go to Timeline PwPc and click on Add New.
  2. Add Title, Content, Timeline Custom Icon, Timeline Fa Icon, Link For Read More and Featured image and update.
  3. You can select the category for timeline from the ‘Category’ box at right side.
  4. You can add category for timeline from the Timeline Category menu.

Below screen shows how to add a Timeline post

How to display shortcode

To display a Timeline Post is very simple. Just add the following shortcodes on any page or post:

[pwpc_timeline_slider] – Display Timeline Horizontal Slider

Template Code – If you want to display timeline post within your theme template.

<?php echo do_shortcode('[pwpc_timeline_slider]'); ?>

Complete Shortcode with Various Parameters

Timeline Horizontal Slider shortcode parameter

Shortcode : [pwpc_timeline_slider]

Slider Columns
[pwpc_timeline_slider slidestoshow="3"]
Display number of timeline at a time in slider.

Slider Dots and Arrows
[pwpc_timeline_slider dots="true" arrows="true"]
Display dots and arrows or not. Values are “true OR false”.

Slider Autoplay
[pwpc_timeline_slider autoplay="false"]
Start slider automatically. Values are “true” OR “false”.

Slider Autoplay Interval
[pwpc_timeline_slider autoplay_interval="3000"]
Delay between two slides.

Slider Speed
[pwpc_timeline_slider Speed="3000"]
Delay between two slides.

Show Full Content
[pwpc_timeline_slider show_full_content="false"]
Display full content or not. Values are “true OR false”.

Show Content
[pwpc_timeline_slider show_content="false"]
Show Content or not.By default value us “false”. Values are “true” OR “false”.

Content Word Limit
[pwpc_timeline_slider words_limit="70"]
You can set short content Words limit.

Show Read More
[pwpc_timeline_slider show_read_more="true"]
Show read more button or not. Values are “true” OR “false”.

Read More Text
[pwpc_timeline_slider read_more_text="Read More"]
Change read more button text. You can set desired text.

[pwpc_timeline_slider limit="20"]
Number of Timeline Post which you want to display. By default value is limit=”20″; Use -1 to display all posts.

Display By Category
[pwpc_timeline_slider category="5,10"]
Display Timeline post by their category ID. You can pass multiple ids by comma separated.

Post Type
[pwpc_timeline_slider post_type="post"]
post type support if you want to show your timeline of your WordPress posts values is “post”.

Adaptive Height
[pwpc_timeline_slider adaptiveheight="true"]
Adjust height of slider According to your content.

Image Size
[pwpc_timeline_slider image_size="full"]
Set image size in your slider. values are “full”, “large”, “medium”, “thumbnail”.

[pwpc_timeline_slider rtl=""]
Enable RTL or not. By default value is “true”. Option are “true OR false”.