PowerPack Lite – Ticker ultimate With Rss


Ticker Ultimate with RSS-pwpc display WordPress Default Post or any Custom Post in a ticker mode with Fade, Vertical and Horizontal slider effect. It also display RSS posts with ticker.


Here you will find the main features which are included in ‘pwpc-Testimonials’ Plugin.

  1. Custom Background.
  2. Border hide/show.
  3. Custom Title and Background.
  4. Fully Responsive.
  5. Autoplay and Speed Interval.
  6. Limit to display number of news.
  7. Code written with WordPress standard.
  8. 100% Multi language.


Installation of Ticker Ultimate with RSS-pwpc requires a few clicks. To install the plugin, please use the following steps:

Ticker Ultimate with RSS-pwpc should now be installed successfully!

Getting started

Ticker Ultimate with RSS-pwpc Plugin is used to display posts in ticker mode.Ticker Ultimate adds a Menu tab in WP Admin side with the name “Ticker-pwpc” where you can add new Ticker post and etc, edit and delete.

Go to Ticker- PwPc and add new ticker


To add a new WP Ticker post in plugin just need to follow few steps.

  1. Go to Ticker-pwpc Tab and click on Add Ticker
  2. Add Ticker title, Add Ticker Url
  3. If you want to display category wise then go to Category and create a category
  4. When you create a Ticker post, select the category for that post

Add New Ticker

How to display shortcode

To display a ticker just go to Page and you can use two short codes:

[pwpc_ticker] – Display post in ticker mode.

Template Code – If you want to display testimonials within your theme template.

<?php echo do_shortcode('[pwpc_ticker]'); ?>

Complete Shortcode with Various Parameters

Ticker shortcode parameter

Shortcode : [pwpc_ticker]

[pwpc_ticker limit="15"]
Display latest 15 posts in ticker that you want to display.

[pwpc_ticker category="5,9"]
Ticker category id for which you want to display posts. You can pass multiple ids by comma separated..

Ticker Title:
[pwpc_ticker ticker_title="News Tickers"]
You can set your desired Ticker Title.

[pwpc_ticker color="#000"]
To change the post content color in ticker.

Background Color:
[pwpc_ticker background_color="#2096CD"]
To change the Ticker title background color.

[pwpc_ticker effect="fade"]
You can change the content effect.

Font Style:
[pwpc_ticker fontstyle="normal"]
You can change the Font Style of the content.

[pwpc_ticker timer="4000"]
Control speed of ticker slider. By default values is “4000”.

Title Color:
[pwpc_ticker title_color="#000"]
To change the Ticker Title color.

[pwpc_ticker border="true"]
Display Border to the Tickers. Values are “true OR false”.

Post Type:
[pwpc_ticker post_type="post"]
You can view the Default wordpress posts with ticker.

Post Category:
[pwpc_ticker post_cat="category"]
Display post by category texonomy slug.