PowerPack Lite – Logo Showcase


WP Logo Showcase Responsive Slider adds a Menu tab in WP Admin side with the name “Logo Showcase-PwPc” where you can add new Image, Title, Link and Image as a featured image, edit and delete.


Installation of Logo Showcase requires a few clicks. To install the plugin, please use the following steps:

  1. At the Powerpack plugin dashboard Page, Click on Modules tab and then you will get all the modules.
  2. Choose Your favourite module “Logo Showcase” and Click On given upper left side Green Button to activate .
  3. Save Your changes.
  4. Now your plugin is activated and you can see a message ‘your changes have been saved successfully’ at the top of the window.

Logo Showcase module should now be installed successfully!

Getting started with Logo Showcase Widgets

WP Logo Showcase Responsive Slider adds a Menu tab in WP Admin side with the name “Logo Showcase – PwPc” where you can add new Image Title, Link and Image as a featured image, edit and delete.
Screen shows “Logo Showcase” tab in the left side and All Images added


Add Logo

  1. Go to Logo Showcase-PwPc and click on Add New.
  2. Add Image title, Add Link URL for Logo link and featured image and update.
  3. If you want to display category wise then go to Logo Showcase PwPc->Category and create a category.
  4. When you create a Logo Showcase post, select the category for that post.

How to display shortcode

Display a Logo Showcase slider is very simple. Just add the following shortcode on any page to display image slider:
[pwpc_logo_slider] – Logo Showcase Slider
[pwpc_logo_slider center_mode="true" slides_column="3"] – Logo Showcase Slider with Center Mode effect

Template Code – If you want to display Logo within your theme template.

<?php echo do_shortcode('[pwpc_logo_slider]'); ?>
<?php echo do_shortcode('[pwpc_logo_slider center_mode="true" slides_column="3"]'); ?>

Complete Shortcode with Various Parameters

Logo Showcase Slider shortcode with all parameters

Shortcode : [pwpc_logo_slider]

  • Limit:
    [pwpc_logo_slider limit="15"]
    Display number of logos. To display all logos pass limit=”-1″.

  • Category:
    [pwpc_logo_slider cat_id="category_ID"]
    Display Logos by their category ID. You can pass multiple ids by comma separated.

  • Category Name:
    [pwpc_logo_slider cat_name="Sport"]
    Display category name.

  • Slides Column:
    [pwpc_logo_slider slides_column="4"]
    Display number of logos at a time in slider.

  • Slides To Scroll:
    [pwpc_logo_slider slides_scroll="1"]
    Scroll number of logos at a time.

  • Slider Dots and Arrows:
    [pwpc_logo_slider dots="true" arrows="true"]
    Display slider arrows and dots or not. By default values of dots and arrows are “true” and option is “false”.

  • Autoplay:
    [pwpc_logo_slider autoplay="true"]
    Start slider automatically. Values are “true” OR “false”.

  • Autoplay Interval:
    [pwpc_logo_slider autoplay_interval="3000"]
    Delay between two slides.

  • Slider Speed:
    [pwpc_logo_slider speed="600"]
    Control speed of slider.

  • Center Mode:
    [pwpc_logo_slider center_mode="false"]
    Enables centered view with partial previous/next slides. Use with odd numbered slides_scroll counts and slides_column=”1″. By default value is “false”.

  • Slider Loop:
    [pwpc_logo_slider loop="true"]
    Create a Infinite loop sliding. By default value is “true”. Options are “true OR false”.

  • Link Target:
    [pwpc_logo_slider link_target="self"]
    Open link in a same window or in a new tab. Values are “self” OR “blank”.

  • Show Logo Title:
    [pwpc_logo_slider show_title="true"]
    Show logo title or not. Values are “true” and “false”.

  • Logo Image Size:
    [pwpc_logo_slider image_size="full"]
    Set image size of logo. By default value is “full”. Values are “full, large, medium, thumbnail”.

  • RTL:
    [pwpc_logo_slider rtl=""]
    Enable RTL or not. Values are “true” OR “false”.