Powerpack Lite – Faq


Faqs module allows you add, manage and display FAQ on your website. You can use this plugin as a jquery ui accordion.This plugin is created with custom post type.


Here you will find the main features which are included in ‘FAQ PwPc’ Plugin.

  1. Limit to display number of FAQ.
  2. Display FAQ categories wise.
  3. Code written with WordPress standard.
  4. Fully Responsive.
  5. 100% Multi language.
  6. Custom CSS Editor.


Installation of FAQ PwPc requires a few clicks. To install the plugin, please use the following steps:

FAQ PwPc should now be installed successfully!

Getting started

FAQ PwPc adds a Menu tab in WP Admin side with the name “FAQ-PwPc “ where you can add Title, Content and Image as a featured image.
Screen shows “FAQ-PwPc” tab in the left side and all FAQ post added



  1. Go to FAQ-PwPc and click on Add FAQ.
  2. Add Title, Content and Featured image and update.
  3. You can select the category for FAQ from the ‘Category’ box at right side.
  4. You can add category for FAQs from the FAQ Category menu.

How to display shortcode

To display a FAQ post is very simple. Just add the following shortcodes on any page or post:

[pwpc_faq] – Display FAQ in Page

Template Code – If you want to display FAQ post within your theme template.

<?php echo do_shortcode('[pwpc_faq]'); ?>

Complete FAQ Shortcode with Various Parameters

Display FAQ in Page

Shortcode : [pwpc_faq]

  • Limit
    [pwpc_faq limit="20"]
    Limit the number FAQ’s items to be display. By default value is limit=”20″.

  • Category
    [pwpc_faq category="category_ID"]
    Display FAQ’s by category.

  • Single Open
    [pwpc_faq single_open="true"]
    Remain open one FAQ at a time. By default value is “true”. Values are “true” OR “false”.

  • Transition Speed
    [pwpc_faq transition_speed="300"]
    Transition speed when user click to open FAQ item.