PowerPack Lite – Button With Style


Buttons With Style adds a Menu tab in WP Admin side with the name “Buttons PwPc” where you can customize the link as per your need with beautiful shortcode.
Screen shows “Buttons-PwPc” tab in the left side.


Installation of Button with Style requires a six clicks. To install the plugin, please use the following steps:

  1. Install PowerPack Plugin, And click on PowerPack admin menu.
  2. go to Powerpack “Appearance” category and click.
  3. Now you can see all powerpack Appearance Plugins.
  4. Particular Appearance plugin right side display enable / disabled switch.
  5. click on enable / disabled switch then save changes by click save button.
  6. Now you can see Appearance in your WP Admin sidebar.

Note: When you enable / disable module, hit the “Save Changes” button to make it live.
Your changes saved successfully.

Getting started with Button with Style

Screen shows “Button PwPc” tab in the left side and all Button post added


Add Simple Button

Button with Style adds a Menu tab in WP Admin side with the name “Button PwPc” where you can Add Title, Add Buttons With Style Settings.

Below screen shows how to add a Simple Button post

Simple Button Add/Edit posts

  1. Button Type: First select button type(e.g. :button Group, simple button)
  2. Button Text: Enter button name in button text field.
  3. Button Link: Enter button link in button link field.(e.g. :
  4. Font Icon: Enter font icon(e.g. : play, star, For more Click Here).
Buttons Settings

Buttons are convenient tools when you need more traditional actions. Fully-customization button size, colors, borders, and more. Easily link to any page or social media account.

button settings

  1. Button Type: Select button shape(e.g. : Radius,Square, Round).
  2. Button Color Class: Select button color class(e.g. : Black, White Light Grey, etc…).
  3. Button Style: Select Button Style. (e.g. : Shadow, Plane, Border, hollow).
  4. Button Size: Select button size(e.g. : Tiny, Small, Large).
  5. Button Target: Select button target(e.g. : Same Tab, New Tab).

How to display shortcode

To display a button Post is very simple. Just add the following shortcodes on any page or post:

[pwpc_bws_btn id="XX"] – Display Button

Template Code – If you want to display button post within your theme template.

<?php echo do_shortcode('[pwpc_bws_btn id="XX"]'); ?>