PowerPack – Extra Info Sidebar


This plugin register a widget sidebar area and allows you to add and display widgets in your desired grid view with multiple columns.


Installation of Extra Info Sidebar Settings requires a six clicks. To install the plugin, please use the following steps:

  1. Install PowerPack Plugin, And click on PowerPack admin menu.
  2. go to Powerpack “Appearance” category and click.
  3. Now you can see all powerpack Appearance Plugins.
  4. Particular Appearance plugin right side display enable / disabled switch.
  5. click on enable / disabled switch then save changes by click save button.
  6. Now you can see Appearance in your WP Admin sidebar.

Note: When you enable / disable Appearance, hit the “Save Changes” button to make it live.
Your changes saved successfully.

  1. This plugin create a sidebar widget area named “Extra Info Sidebar – PwPc” in Appearance > Widgets.
  2. Go to “Appearance > Widgets”, Add any type of widgets in Extra Info Sidebar – PwPc sidebar and choose your desired columns in that.

Getting started with Extra Info Sidebar Settings

Screen shows see “Extra Info Sidebar tab in the left side PowerPack Plugin inside.

  1. General Settings: Check this box if you want to change login screen.
  2. Toggle Icon Position: Select toggle icon position.
  3. Wrapper Background Color: Select sidebar background color.
  4. Widget Title Color: Select color for widget title.
  5. Widget Anchor Tag Color: Select color for widget link.
  6. Widget Content Color: Select color for widget content.
  7. Inner Wrapper Width: Enter inner Wrap width in PX. For example : 1200. By default value is 100%
  8. Disappear in Mobile: Check this box to disable in mobile view.