Maintenance Mode Pro – WPOS

Getting started with Maintenance Mode Pro

Maintenance Mode Pro adds a Menu tab in WP Admin side with the name “Maintenance Mode Pro” where you can customize the page as per your need with beatiful templates.
Screen shows “Maintenance Mode Pro” tab in the left side.

Maintenance Mode General Settings


  • Enable Maintenance Mode: To Enable Maintenance Mode click on the checkbox..
  • Page Title: Page Title of the Maintenance Mode Page which shows in the tab bar at top.
  • Website Logo: Logo of your website.
  • Website Logo Width: You can adjust the logo width from here with px size.
  • Maintenance Mode Title: The Title of the Maintenance Mode.
  • Enter Maintenance Mode Message: Message of your Maintenance Mode. you can add any html content here.
  • Copyright Text: Copyright text of your website.
  • Background: Background color of the page if you do not want to use any image.
  • Background Image: Background Image of the Maintenance Mode.
  • Google Analytics Code: Paste your Google Analytics code here with ‘script tag’.
  • Maintenance Mode Template: You can chose Template of Maintenance Mode. 5 pre-define template for Maintenance Mode.

Maintenance Mode Timer Settings


  • Expiry Date and Time: Timer Expiry Date and Time
  • Timer Label Text Color: Select timer label color like Hours, Minutes and etc.
  • Timer Digit Text Color: Select timer clock digit color.
  • Timer Clock Options: Unmark relevant Box to hide that label for your Timer and you can change the text of the Days, Hours, Minutes and Seconds as well.
  • Choose Style: there are list of Timer Designs available. choose any from the dropdown.(also you can change the clock setting as per your need.)

Maintenance Mode Circle Clock Settings


  • Choose Animation: Choose Circle Animation style from the dropdown.
  • Circle Width (Foreground): width of the circle. you just need to drag the mouse to adjust the width of the circle.
  • Background Width: Background width of the circle. you just need to drag the mouse to adjust the Background width of the circle
  • Countdown Timer Width: Enter countdown timer width.
  • Background Color: Background Color of the Countdown Timer.
  • Foreground Color: you can change the foreground color of the Days, Hours, Minutes, Seconds.

Maintenance Mode Subscription and Custom CSS Settings


  • Enable Subscription: Mark this box to enable subscription form.
  • Subscription Title: Enter the Title of your subscription form.
  • Subscription Form Code: Paste your subscription form code here.
  • Custom CSS: Apply css form here only if you want to change any css.

Maintenance Mode Social Settings


  • Social Profile URL: you can display your social sites page here. just paste your social sites url here.