Image and html carousel multipurpose

Getting started with Image and html carousel multipurpose

Image and html carousel multipurpose is a plugin for display of any blocks (images, divs, etc.) with a cascading “waterwheel” effect. Plugin is simple and flexible with shortcode.

Image and html carousel multipurpos work is based on CSS3 transformations, so it works in all modern browsers which support this technology.

shortcode examples

  • Design-1

    “[iahcmp_carousel design=”design-1″ perspective=”50″]”

  • Design-2

    “[iahcmp_carousel design=”design-2″ visible_items=”1″ separation=”450″ distance=”400″ perspective=”1″ opacity=”0.5″]”

  • Design-3

    “[iahcmp_carousel design=”design-3″ visible_items=”2″ separation=”150″ distance=”10″ perspective=”80″]”

  • Design-4

    “[iahcmp_carousel design=”design-4″ orientation=”vertical” separation=”250″ perspective=”50″ mousewheel=”true” show_content=”false”]”

Shortcode Parameters

  • limit:
    [iahcmp_carousel limit=”-1″]
    Display all

  • category:
    [iahcmp_carousel category=”category_id”]
    Display carousel categories wise

  • design:
    [iahcmp_carousel design=”design-1″]
    Select the design to display. there are 2 designs ie design-1, design-2, design-3 and design-4

  • order:
    [iahcmp_carousel order=”DESC”]
    Carousel order ie DESC or ASC

  • orderby:
    [iahcmp_carousel orderby=”date”]
    Order by Carousel post ie ID, author, title, date, name, rand etc

  • image_fit:
    [iahcmp_carousel image_fit=”true”]
    Fit the Carousel image in wrap. Values are “true” or “false”

  • media_size:
    [iahcmp_carousel media_size=”large”]
    Set the featured image size to diplay in post Values are thumbnail, medium, large, full

  • sliderheight:
    [iahcmp_carousel sliderheight=”300″]
    Set Carousel height

  • show_content:
    [iahcmp_carousel show_content=”true” ]
    Display post carousel content OR not. By default value is “true”. Options are “ture OR false”

  • show_read_more:
    [iahcmp_carousel show_read_more=”true”]
    Display Read more button or not. Options are “ture OR false”

  • read_more_text:
    [iahcmp_carousel show_author=”Read More”]
    Change read more text

  • link_target:
    [iahcmp_carousel link_target=”blank”]
    Set link target ie blank or self

  • center_width:
    [iahcmp_carousel center_width=”500″]
    Set center item with of Carousel

  • orientation:
    [iahcmp_carousel orientation=”horizontal”]
    Set orientation carousel. horizontal OR vertical

  • visible_items:
    [iahcmp_carousel visible_items=”1″]
    Center visible items of carousel

  • mousewheel:
    [iahcmp_carousel mousewheel=”true”]
    Enable mousewheel. By default value is “false”. Options are “ture OR false”

  • separation:
    [iahcmp_carousel separation=”400″]
    Separation of each item from one another in pixels

  • perspective:
    [iahcmp_carousel perspective=”10″]
    Side items perspective rotation

  • opacity:
    [iahcmp_carousel opacity=”0.5″]
    Opacity of side items. Value from 0 to 1 as in CSS

  • distance:
    [iahcmp_carousel distance=”300″]
    Z-axis offset of each side item from the center item in pixels

  • arrows:
    [iahcmp_carousel arrows=”true”]
    By default value is “true”. Options are “ture OR false”

  • autoplay:
    [iahcmp_carousel autoplay=”3000″]
    Set autoplay true and speed 3000ms. To stop the autoplay set value to 0

  • speed:
    [iahcmp_carousel speed=”3000″]
    Animation speed in millisecons

Updated On 5 Jul 2017