Countdown Timer Ultimate

Getting started with Countdown Timer Ultimate

Countdown Timer Ultimate adds a Menu tab in WP Admin side with the name “Countdown Timer” where you can add Title, Timer Date, Timer Backgropund color,Foreground Color,Circle Width, Background Width, edit and delete.

Screen shows “Countdown Timer” tab in the left side and all timer content added

This plugin work same like WordPress post section where you can add title, content and featured image. To add a new featured post, just need to follow few steps.

  1. Go to Countdown Timer Tab and click on Add Timer
  2. Add title, Timer details and update

Bellow screen shows how to add a Timer

How to display and shortcode

Display a Timer is very simple. Just add the following shortcode on any page:
[wpcdt-countdown id="2"]

You can also use template code to display image slider.
echo do_shortcode('[wpcdt-countdown id="2"]');

Complete Shortcode parameters

[wpcdt-countdown id="2"]

Here you can find Complete Shortcode Parameters